About Your Stay

After Securing Your Booking

Submit Guest Details for Entertainment Passes and Covid Track & Trace

All guests at Hoburne sites are now required to provide their details in order for the site to stay compliant with Covid-19 regulations. 

Please click here to complete this form as soon as possible if you have not done already...

Cancelling Your Booking

We understand that sometimes things don't go to plan and the holiday you wanted may no longer be suitable. 

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Visitor Survey

Please help us figure out what our guests want to do on their holiday by completing the survey below. 

These details will help us form relationships with local businesses and provide useful info for future guests. 

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The caravan is professionally cleaned after every visit. 

Our cleaners have assured us:

• A two-part clean and disinfect process
• Increased ventilation where possible during cleaning
• All cutlery, crockery and glassware will be cleaned
• Non-essential items have been removed to reduce any possible risk of transmission.

Check in/out times

Check in is 2pm and checkout 10am.

Saturday check-in is 4pm due to cleaner commitments. 

What to Bring

We'd love to tell you that everything will be supplied but given the situation with Covid-19 and our lack of proximity to the caravan we do need you to supply certain essentials:

  • Sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. We will have duvets and pillows available for the five beds but not the pull out sofa. 
  • Tea towels and towels for shower/beach
  • Washing up liquid & sponge/brush
  • Toilet rolls

Where is Hoburne Naish and the Caravan?

The park address is Christchurch Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 7RE. 

The Caravan is located at Pitch CR32 which is on The Crescent. 

This link should take you there on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/7QLXipjMofMtsyQSA

There is no need to go to reception so stay left on the main road as you come past the clubhouse and on to Bartonside Rd. You'll see some lovely caravans on your left.

Turn left on to The Cresent and look out for the CR32 sign in the window of the 4th pitch on the right. 

On Arrival

The Key Box

The key box code changes regularly but is currently set to 2411

Watch the video to see where it is and how to unlock the box.

We use this box instead of carrying the key with us and I suggest you do the same. 

Switching on the power

The power may be switched off when you arrive. 

Find the switch in the right hand cupboard to the right of the entrance and switch it down. 

Please be careful with power usage as recent rises in energy costs have not been factored into your rental fee.  

Entertainment Passes

Entertainment passes are required for all guests on the site. We'll leave your passes with Hoburne Welcome Pack for you in the caravan. 

We have yet to be asked for ours but it's worth keeping them on you at the clubhouse as proof you're staying on the park, as opposed to having wondered in off the street. 


The Wifi is free and very fast!

Network: The Cresent CR32

Pass Key: 23603475

During Your Stay


The heating is all electric. We ask everyone to turn heaters off at the wall so find the switches before attempting to do anything with the panel. 

The switch for the kitcher heater is in the cupboard next to it. 

The switch for the main bathroom heater is on the other side of the wall in the corridor. 

I plan on getting some pics of the instruction manual in here if it's not straight forward to control the temperatures. 

Let me know if this hasn't been updated at the time you're reading this. 


Turn the fire place on at the wall. There are switches at the bottom of the unit. These should be pretty easy to figure out. 


Turn on the TV's power supply on the wall behind the TV. There should be a remote controller on the shelf which has full control. 

The DVD player will power on with the TV. After inserting a DVD use the input button on the controller to display the DVD. 

There is a nob directly under the LG logo of the TV which can perform most functions if you've misplaced the remote. 


The clubhouse currently requires all food orders to be made through the Hoburne App. You'll find the app easy enough. Just search Hoburne App and follow instructions. 

There is currently a one-way system which is simple to follow but may take you by surprise. 

You will be asked to supply contact details EVERY TIME you want to do anything beyond reception atm. Hopefully this will be relaxed by the time you arrive. 

Accidental Damage or Loss of Items

Accidents happen from time to time but we do need to protect ourselves. In the T's & C's you'll see that we do reserve the right to charge guests for damage or loss of anything valuable. Please be careful and let us know if anything goes wrong. The cleaners will notice when they come in but we'd rather hear about it from you 🙂 

How to contact us

If anything is going wrong you can contact Hoburne staff. They're very friendly and will often be able to send someone out if they can't provide a fix over the phone or at reception. 

You can call George on 07765869670 or Conor on 07580481454

If you contract Covid-19

It's very important that you contact us as soon as you or a guest notice any symptoms of Covid-19 to limit the risk to our cleaners and future guests.  

Eat Out to Help Out

There are loads of restraurants who are participating in the government's Eat Out to Help Out.

Click here for a list of those near the caravan...

Gate to the Beach and Cliff Top

Hoburne recently installed a gate to the beach and another gate which leads to the East Cliff top. Both provide access to fantanstic walkways. 

The code to open these gates at of 27 March 2023 is 7381

Ask anyone in the site for the code if this one doesn't work. 

Please message me if this has changed.

The Barbecue

We have a brand new (as of writing) 2-burner barbecue ready for you to use. 

Please watch the video to learn how to operate it as well as what we expect as far as cleaning. 

We love barbecues so want to make it available to you.

We'll likely take it home for the months of December to March due to the weather. 

At the End of Your Stay


Please ensure all heaters are switched off at the wall when you leave. 

Close the Shower Door

The shower tap is surprisingly easy to leave on so please check the shower is not dripping and close the shower door just in case it starts after you check out. 

Switch off the power

Please switch the power off before leaving. 

Leaving the Key

Please lock the caravan and return the key to it's keybox after checking you have everything and all devices are switched off at the wall. 

Entertainment Passes

Please leave your entertainment passes in the kitchen when you leave. 

Feedback Survey

We'd love to hear how your holiday went and if there's anything we can do to improve the experince next time you stay. 

Please click here and complete the form...