June 27

Why We’re Buying a Caravan


After two months of lock-down George was feeling totally fed up.

We've had some inheritance money left over and had looked at a range of options but this opportunity was too good to turn down. 

Weekends at the Seaside

Lock-down may have contributed to the idea of caravan ownership but after a day in Bournemouth we realised this is what we wanted. 

It took just over a couple of hours to drive down to the site from our home in Cheltenham.

No More Abroad Holidays

All inclusive holidays were losing their appeal and we realised we'd rather have lot's of little, inexpensive holidays than one big expensive holiday abroad.

We have discussed going abroad when our children are mature enough to visit places for the purpose of sightseeing but for now the prospect of having a beach available any weekend of the year is more appealing. 

On the Beach

We looked at other sites in the UK but Hoburne Naish is a short walk down to the beach which is huge. Traffic is often bad in holiday seasons so the idea we can stay on site with the beach, swimming pools, football, crazy golf and the rest really sealed it for us. 

Leasing the Caravan to Friends and Family

We are now also becoming excited by the prospect of sharing the experience with others. 

We'll obviously offer holiday bookings for people just looking to escape for a family holiday or to relax as a couple but there are some other ideas which coincide with our respective businesses. 

George is a Nutritionist and I'm a Fitness Coach. We've both been triathletes and know how great it is to be able to go away for a training holiday. 

With close access to the seaside, miles of flat clifftop footpaths and the New Forrest just up the road this site will be a fantastic very for runners, triathletes, cyclists and swimmers to get away for some uninterrupted training and recovery. 

It's very early days...we haven't actually signed off on the van yet, but we know this investment is going to bring happiness and health to a lot of our friends and family for years to come. 


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